Smart self watering. Better for your plants. Easier for you.

Harvst Climate Control greenhouses are fitted with a smart control system which uses a combination of timers and sensor readings to turn on your watering.

App controlled.

All settings are managed via a web app which is compatible with iPhone and Android, and also runs on a laptop, tablet or computer.

Weather responsive.

More water when it’s hot, less when it’s not. Set up your self-watering system to give an extra boost of water if the temperature has been over a set level for more than a few hours.

Manage and monitor from anywhere.

If your mini greenhouse is within range of a WiFi network, you can connect the control system to the internet to view data and update settings from anywhere.

Run from a tap, or from a tank with a pump

Greenhouse water tank

Pump and tank / water butt.

No tap? No problem. Harvst S-Series Climate Control greenhouses come supplied with a small pump that provides the irrigation needed. Mount this in a tank or water butt of your choice, within 2m of the greenhouse.

Misters, sprayers, drippers ... or hydroponics.

Harvst automatic greenhouses come as standard with drippers, there are also a range of alternative irrigation parts available on our website so you can decide what works best for your setup. We stock pipes, connectors, misters and drippers, with some recommended setup options.

Sprayers are great to keep shallow soil (or a microgreens mat) moist while seedlings germinate. Drippers are perfect for delivering water precisely to the roots of larger plants, or for filling a tub or watering tray for bottom watering.

The included taps let you shut of or control water flow to different parts of the greenhouse as you move plants around, or as their water needs change.

Harvst mini greenhouses are also a great enclosure for a hydroponics setup. The control unit can run separate watering and misting pumps, monitor temperature & humidity, and keep you updated with conditions inside the system via email notifications.

Misters / sprayers

For a simple, versatile watering system to get most of the greenhouse interior wet.

Drippers for soil watering

Adjustable, for direct water. Can be shut off completely if needed.

Taps for flexibility

Create separate loops within the greenhouse and control each loop separately.

Add wireless moisture and temperature sensors for precision watering.

Only water if it’s dry …

The Harvst self-watering system is available with dual-purpose moisture and temperature sensors, which gives your plants extra protection. The watering can be triggered when the air moisture is too dry, or if it has been above a certain temperature for too long.

and save water if it’s already damp.

Using the Harvst  sensors, you can set your system up to prevent watering when the air moisture is too high, or the temperature is to low.  Saving your plants from being overwatered.