Solar range : Mini greenhouses with built in smart solar watering

Harvst Solar mini greenhouses feature our responsive sensor-based watering system to save you time and look after your plants. Irrigation pipes and sprayers are built in – all you need to do is set it up on the app and let it run.

The solar mini greenhouses also come fitted with automatic opening roof, to keep your plants cool.

Self watering

Fitted with a dual zone irrigation system, the Solar range will water for you. Use the Harvst control app to choose a timer, heat, soil moisture or a combination to give your plants just the water they need.

You can monitor and manage your growing environment online, from anywhere, using the Harvst app.

Solar powered

No power supply is needed; the solar panel and in-built battery provide all the power that the control system, sensors and water pump needs.

We also have mains powered mini greenhouses which are compatible with our heating and lighting systems. They require a 240v connection.

Auto opening

Mini greenhouses can get warm quickly, and if you don’t keep them ventilated your plants will overheat and suffer.

The automatic roof opener fitted to all harvst mini greenhouses uses a combination of wax and springs to vent heat when the temperature inside rises.