Solar range : Mini greenhouses with built in smart solar watering

Self watering

Fitted with a sensor based irrigation system, the Solar range will water for you. Use the Harvst control app to choose a timer, temperature sensor, soil moisture or a combination to give your plants just the water they need.

Solar powered

No power supply is needed; the solar panel and in-built battery provide all the power that the control system, sensors and water pump needs.

Auto opening

Mini greenhouses can get warm quickly, and if you don’t keep them ventilated your plants will overheat and suffer.

The automatic roof opener uses a combination of wax and springs to vent heat when the temperature inside rises.

Manage from anywhere

The greenhouse is WiFi enabled, so you can monitor and manage your growing environment online, from anywhere, using the Harvst app.

It also runs offline if you don’t have WiFi in the garden.

“The solar range is where it all began. Automating the watering means I can focus on other gardening jobs, and go away with my family for days at a time without worrying about the veg.” Chris Tanner, Harvst founder

All four sizes of Sprout are available in the solar option:

The solar Sprout S6 has space for four grow trays (on one shelf and the ground); we recommend two trays and a large grow tub in the bottom. Perfect for starting seeds early, or growing herbs and salads.

The solar Sprout S10 has larger capacity for the same small footprint. Supplied with two shelves, it can fit size grow trays, or four grow trays and a large tub in the bottom.

The solar Sprout S14 is designed to fit under a window against a wall or shed. Supplied with one shelf it has a capacity of 4 seed trays on a shelf and 5 on the ground (or two large tubs in the bottom instead).

The solar Sprout S24 is a large space for germinating and growing on anything from herbs to tomatoes. It comes with two shelves; giving a capacity of 14 trays, or 9 trays and two tubs.

Or have a look at our other models :

Greenhouse only

Premium aluminium and polycarbonate mini greenhouses. Upgrade to our other models later.

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Greenhouse fitted with automatic opening, smart sensor based solar powered self-watering.

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Greenhouse fitted with automatic opening, mains powered smart self watering, and heating.

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Everything you get with the 3-season model with the addition of LED grow lights. Grow all year round.

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