Mini greenhouses, with a difference.

We make miniature clear acrylic greenhouses with a difference. Our premium UK made greenhouses save you time, and look after your plants. Harvst smart greenhouses are climate controlled, featuring heating via soil warming cables to lengthen your season and a forced ventilation system which prevents your plants from getting too hot in the summer. The S-Series range includes built-in automatic irrigation, which means you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your plants are being watered. Plus, with adjustable shelves you can build your greenhouse set-up to suit anything you want to grow. Tomatoes here we come!

Compact, strong and safe. Grow anywhere.

The S-Series was developed on the windy, gale-ridden west coast of Wales – it’s a strong, reliable lean-to greenhouse with back panel that will last you many years. On top of being built to withstand the elements, the Harvst range of mini greenhouses are designed to help you get the most from a small space. Whether it’s a back yard, patio, balcony, or a corner of a larger garden, we have an automated greenhouse kit for you.

There are 2 sizes: S8 and S16

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    S8 Smart Mini Greenhouse

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    S16 Smart Mini Greenhouse


S-Series Grow Bundles

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    S16 Tray, Pot & Compost Bundle

  • , ,

    S16 Tray + Pot Bundle

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    Container Bundle – Double


S-Series Accessories

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    BioFilm Buster Pro

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    10W waterproof LED grow light (pair)

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    Wireless humidity / temperature sensor


I'm very happy

Fantastic technology that enables me to grow a lot of food in a small space, all year around. Automatic watering, temperature control and lights saves me a lot of time whilst producing perfect plants.

- Martina H.


Amazing personal service and fantastic products! Order now you won't regret it!

- Rachael G.

Go on holiday!

A growing system that actually allows you to go on holiday without your precious seeds dying! Now got my overwintering Aeoniums and pelargoniums on the right side with first seeds of the Winter on the left.

-Jason N.

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