Our Kickstarter launches on Friday!

Polytunnel watering system

Our Kickstarter launches on Friday!

We’ve had so much interest in the automatic watering system that goes in our smart mini greenhouses that we’ve decided to launch it as a stand alone kit for watering “regular sized” greenhouses and polytunnels – called WaterMate.

WaterMate uses the same soil moisture sensing technology, solar power, and dual zone watering as our mini greenhouse system, with a larger pump to supply a full 40 metres squared (or 120 plants/pots). If your greenhouse or polytunnel is within WiFi range, then you get all the benefits of our web-connected garden control system; manage and monitor from anywhere, email alerts when soil is too dry, temperature is too high/low, and water tank has run out. If you don’t have WiFi, that’s fine – it will run in offline mode without the web connected features, meaning you can also use WaterMate on an allotment too.

We’re launching WaterMate on Kickstarter this Friday, June 4th, at mid day.

If you’ve not used Kickstarter before, don’t worry – it’s easy. Buying via the Kickstarter campaign lets you get your hands on one, at a discount, by committing up front. You get a great product at a low price, and we get the bulk commitment from buyers to be able to invest in tooling, design and manufacture. You will only be charged if we hit our target of £10,000 sales. WaterMate will be available in limited numbers this season, so you’ll need to be fast once the campaign launches.

Visit our pre-launch page, and sign up to be notified when the campaign is live. Then you’ll be able to choose the “rewards” for your pledge (the various WaterMate prices and models).

WaterMate automatic greenhouse watering system
Visit our Kickstarter campaign and sign up for launch notification

Say goodbye to time consuming manual watering!