Why January is the perfect month to install a WaterMate irrigation system into your polytunnel or greenhouse

Why January is the perfect month to install a WaterMate irrigation system into your polytunnel or greenhouse

Christmas is done and out of the way, we’re past the shortest day and looking forward to a new growing season. But it’s still pretty chilly and not much is growing outside. However, the time to transplant your early seedlings into the greenhouse or polytunnel is not that far away, especially with our WaterMate.

As they grow, they’re going to be thirsty. What if you never had to think about manually watering this season? All those hours carting watering cans around … What if you could spend the same time tending to the plants’ other needs, growing a bumper crop. Or what about being able to go on holiday without fear of your precious plants dying through lack of water?

The WaterMate automatic irrigation system is perfect for domestic greenhouses and polytunnels, and will save you many hours of work this spring, summer and autumn. And as a bonus, your plants will thank you for the regular, consistent watering (especially things like tomato and cucumber).

A successful automatic irrigation setup relies on planning ahead; by the time you are planting out, and hand watering, it’s too late. Winter is the perfect time to get an irrigation system installed for the following reasons:

The greenhouse or polytunnel is empty

Apart from perhaps a few winter greens, there’s not a lot growing right now. Empty beds mean lots more space to work than if you had plants growing. Laying pipes when there are young, fragile plants in the area is a recipe for plant damage, and it’s awkward.

You have time to experiment and get used to your system

Every installation is different, and you want to give your young spring plants the best start they can get. If you install your system in January, get used to how it works through February, then your greenhouse or polytunnel will be ready to take those early plants when the days start getting longer and warmer.

You may well find that after a few weeks of running it in one configuration, you want to change it around. You’ll definitely want to do that sooner rather than later.

You have more time, period

As there’s less other work to do in the garden now, you can put the effort into installing an automatic irrigation system, and doing it properly. There’s something satisfying about a well thought out, well laid out system that does all the hard work for you.

You can use it to start your seeds early

If you have mains power in your greenhouse or polytunnel, you can choose a mains powered WaterMate irrigation system, which can also provide the power for heaters, LED grow lights and propagators – meaning you can get a huge head start on the season ahead.

And, as a special offer to get you started early this year, we’re offering 15% discount on all mains powered WaterMates purchased before the end of January 2024. Use code EARLYSTART.

If you have any questions about installing an automatic watering system into your garden, polytunnel or greenhouse, just get in touch!