Polytunnel irrigation kit


The Harvst smart gardening kit is perfect for irrigating small polytunnels and greenhouses. It monitors your soil moisture, tracks temperature and coupled with a timed system, delivers just the right amount of water to your plants.

It can run off-grid, powered by a solar panel and built-in battery … or if you have power to your polytunnel or greenhouse then you can plug into the mains. For mains powered systems, grow lights and heaters for seed trays are available as add-ons.

The Harvst automatic self-watering kit can provide irrigation for polytunnels via two separate zones, controlled by an electric solenoid valve.

The watering system is designed for small polytunnels, with up to 10 metres of irrigation hose and 30 sprayers (or equivalent). The solenoids prevent water siphoning out of your tank, if the tank is higher than the irrigation sprayers.

The polytunnel watering kit is supplied with:

  • Control unit, connects to WiFi and your online Harvst account so you can monitor and manage your polytunnel self watering from anywhere.
  • Two soil moisture and temperature sensors.
  • Water pump and water filter.
  • Twin electric water valve.
  • Water tank level sensor.
  • Solar panel or mains power supply.
  • 10 metres of 13mm LDPE irrigation hose.
  • A selection of drippers and sprayers.

Installing the self-watering system requires:

  • A WiFi connection.
  • A source of water within 3 metres of your plants.
  • To fit the water tank level sensor, you will need to drill a 3.5mm hole into your water tank near the bottom, so that when the water falls below this level, you will be sent an email / SMS.