Choose your Harvster options

Power supply

Your Harvst control unit can be powered either from a solar panel (off grid) or with a 240v mains connection (on grid).

Off gridOn grid
Specification10W solar panel, 3m cable
Built-in battery
10m mains cable with 3-pin 240v plug
Installation requirementsSomewhere that catches a good amount of sunshine every day (even in winter). If you can’t mount the solar panel within 3m of the control unit, then you can buy solar extension cables from us.You’ll need a waterproof external mains socket within 10 metres of your Harvst control unit, or else request a longer cable from us when you order.
Can run heatersNo. There’s not enough energy produced by a small solar panel to charge a battery enough to power a heater. Yes. Up to 6 low-voltage heat pads or heat cables.

Water supply

Your Harvster needs water, which can be provided in a number of ways.

Self containedExternal water tankHose connection
Specification– The Harvster collects rainwater from its own roof, into a 25 litre tank (which may be inside or outside the Harvster).
– Pumps water from this tank to hoses of your choice. You may need to top up the tank periodically.
– Tank is provided with a low water alarm sensor.
– A water pump is supplied on 2 metres of hose.
– The pump is dropped into your own water butt, which must be next to the Harvster at ground level.
– You don’t need to drill any holes in your water butt.
– Add a low water level sensor by drilling a small (3.5mm) hole in your water butt.
– A Hozelock-compatible snap fit connection allows you to plug in a standard garden hose.
– No water pump is needed.
Installation requirementsNone (unless you want to mount the tank outside your Harvster, in which case remember to leave space).A water butt at ground level, adjacent to the Harvster. The low voltage pump supplied as standard will struggle with a hose longer than 2 metres.Just put your Harvster somewhere that you can get a hose pipe to. If you also need to use the hose elsewhere in the garden, fit a tee connection for your Harvster.