Sprout : Automatic mini greenhouses to help you grow more.

Sprout is now available for pre-order.    Delivery starts November 1st.

A new concept for grow-your-own.

It’s a complete growing system to look after your plants for you, come rain or shine, heatwave or hail.

The Sprout system is based on a strong, long lasting aluminium mini greenhouse, using polycarbonate panels for plant protection, and safety in a small garden. Into the greenhouse we’ve built a smart automatic watering system, and automatic ventilation for hot days.

For growing all year round, we also have dedicated LED grow lights and heaters, turning a compact greenhouse into a productive food growing machine.

Three ranges

4-Season : grow all year round

Smart control unit and weather-responsive self watering, with the added capability of heating and grow lights so you don’t have to stop growing through the darker and colder months. App controlled, Wifi enabled. Uses 240v mains power.

Solar : grow in any garden

Solar powered smart control unit, with weather-responsive self watering. App controlled, Wifi enabled. Run it anywhere.

Greenhouse only

A premium, strong, safe mini greenhouse.

Each range is available in four sizes

Sprout S6

Sprout S10

Sprout S14

Sprout S24

Fresh, home grown greens, all year round.

Fewer food miles. Less waste. Less single use plastic. More fun.