Premium mini greenhouses to help you grow more

Robust mini greenhouses for small spaces. Made in the UK.

The Harvst range of mini greenhouses are great for protecting your plants, helping early germination, and growing green vegtables and salads. The small, compact size makes them suitable for most urban or city gardens where you would not have space for a larger greenhouse.

  • Compact available in 4 sizes.
  • Safe UV-protected 4mm twin-wall polycarbonate panels wont shatter or break, and provide insulation against excess heat or cold.
  • Strong aluminium frame and premium construction.
  • Self-opening automatic cooling in hot weather protects your plants with the addition of an optional lid opener.

All our greenhouses come flat-packed as a set of part-assembled panels to save you construction time. You can add a Harvst  responsive watering system (with optional heating and grow lights) at a later date.

They feature the same premium design and construction as our 3-season greenhouses, 4-season greenhouses and solar greenhouses, but without the automatic self watering and control system.


With a footprint of less than 2ft x 2ft (S6 and S10 models) or 2ft x 4ft (S14 and S24 models), they are ideal for gardens with less space.


Twin wall polycarbonate panels won’t shatter or break, making these small greenhouses perfectly suited to urban or family gardens.


A robust aluminium frame will survive almost anything you can throw at it. These aren’t cheap, flimsy greenhouses.

Mini greenhouses built for successful growing.

Our greenhouses feature sliding doors, a strong aluminium base, opening lid, a black twin wall heat absorbing rear panel, ajustable shelves and top quality construction. Secure attachment points are provided for fixing them to a wall, the ground, or a fence.

Mini greenhouses made in the UK.

Mini greenhouses from Harvst are hand built in our factory in West Wales.

We part assemble them, to save you valuable construction time. All tools and fittings are included.

And we’ll ship to you for FREE (mainland UK addresses).

Ideal for urban gardens.

Our mini greenhouses are spot on for urban gardening, and are often placed on brick, concrete or a hard standing. For that reason, we’ve designed them to fit a range of growing containers.

The shelves fit standard seed trays (we recommend our deep seed trays, which are perfect for salads and radish).

The base fits a 60x40cm grow tub, which gives excellent growing space for deeper roots such as spinach, beetroot, chard, carrots and more.

Lean-to greenhouse with a back.

Our small greenhouses are designed to be placed against a wall, fence or other structure, but unlike many lean-to greenhouses which require you to build onto your house, ours come with a heat-absorbing back panel allowing them to be effectively free standing.

Easy to build. Easy to move.