Heated greenhouses

Grow all year round with Harvst heated cold frames / greenhouses

Harvst heated mini greenhouses / cold frames are strong, compact, productive growing spaces to help you grow more with less space and time, all year round. They have built-in self watering (which can be fed using a garden hose or off-grid rainwater collection, a tank and pump). They open automatically when it gets too hot. The models on this page are heated in winter when the temperature drops.

Heat is provided by safe, waterproof low voltage heater pads which can be placed in the bottom of growing containers, between seed trays for propagating, or simply fixed to the inside of the unit to keep temperatures up.

They are monitored and controlled by the Harvst web app, which means you can check in and see what the environment is like inside, from anywhere at any time.

A mains power outlet is required within 5 metres of the cold frame.

Waterproof LED grow lights can be added as optional extras.

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