Fully controllable, automated mini greenhouses

The magic.

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Every small greenhouse comes fully equipped with an internet-connected smart control system and built-in irrigation. It will sense the temperature and soil moisture within your Harvster to deliver just the right amount of water your plants need.

Or, you can just run your self-watering on a simple timer.

If your greenhouse is connected to the mains, you can also add heating and grow lights, all controlled by the Harvst brain.

All your data is visible on the Harvst app, so you can monitor and control your smart greenhouse system from anywhere.

The greenhouse.

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Our custom-built mini greenhouses / cold frames help to keep your plants safe from the cold, and open up automatically on a hot day to help prevent overheating.

They are designed for easy assembly, and excellent access all round.

They will sit directly on the ground if your veg beds are at ground level, or will bolt on to a raised bed of the right size, even allowing you to grow greens in a concrete or brick back yard.

The aluminium frame will withstand strong winds and all weathers. 4mm replaceable twinwall polycarbonate panels let in lots of light, as well as providing insulation at night, and during the cooler seasons.

There are two sizes of Harvst greenhouse, to fit any garden or yard. They can be run off grid, or connected to the mains for heating and LED growlights. There is also a built-in rainwater collecting system so (if you’re not connected to a hose) you don’t have to top up the tank as often … if at all.