Setup : Yard

Here are some photos to give you an idea of the parts as they are fitted together.
If you need any help, just ask :

Rear shelf fitted to block on end panel.
Front shelf fitted to block on end panel.
Water valves with short hose, fitted to right hand side of front shelf. Lower valve fitted to pipe on shelf.
An alternative view of the water valves fitted to the front shelf.
Plastic drain cup fitted to top of right end panel.
Lid prop holding lid, with lid lifter attaced.
Power supply on rear, with black correx roof
Internal view of right end panel (click for full image)
Hoses on right panel (wires left out for clarity)

Download the setup guide

Version 1 (Jan 2021 onwards)

Version 2 (Feb 2021 onwards)
– 40/30mm angle replaces 20mm square section ridge piece.
– Furniture (cot) bolts replace screws for the base boards.