Setup and installation guides

Watch the video to see how a Sprout mini greenhouse goes together. The video covers the S6, S10, S14 and S24 – all models.

For more detail on greenhouse heating, lighting and irrigation, have a look at our other videos on our YouTube channel.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for troubleshooting tips.

Sprout S6
PDF setup guide


Sprout S10
PDF setup guide

Sprout S14
PDF setup guide

Sprout S24
PDF setup guide

How to build the Harvst S24 Greenhouse

For advice on how to build the S24, please watch our YouTube video which covers every step of assembly, including:

  • Checking the parts
  • Sealing poly panels
  • Assembling the base
  • Installing the doors
  • Assembling the lid

Plus everything else you need for a seamless building experience!

Configuring the Harvst control box

See the interactive setup guide at to get started with your control unit.


System does not water exactly on the hour
This is by design. The control unit sleeps most of the time, and only wakes up every half hour to read sensors. If the timer is set to water at 9am, it might not wake until 9.20 for example … it will water at the first awakening after the scheduled hour.

System turns off and reboots instead of pumping
The pump requires that the water valves are wired in. If these are not connected, when it tries to turn the pump on, it will instantly reboot. This can also happen when turning on heaters or lights. Ensure that the water valve wiring is connected.

Cannot connect to “harvst-wifi”
Only applicable to firmware versions prior to February 2023.
This will only be active when the control system is booting in online mode, and cannot find a stored WiFi network. You will hear a slow beep, once a second. To access the system control panel for updating settings or manually watering, you don’t connect to “harvst-wifi”. In offline mode, connect to the control box WiFi network (eg “HARVST-xxxx”). In online mode, use your web app.

See our forums for more help connecting to WiFi.

Web app cannot connect to the control unit / no response when trying to water manually via the app
Every 5 seconds the web app tries to connect to your control unit. The control unit needs to be awake and your phone needs to be on the same WiFi network. When the app has connected, the warning at the top of the screen will disappear and the ‘water now’ buttons will go green.

Web browser shows a 404 / not found message when trying to access system control panel in offline mode
The system control panel will be an IP address ( for example). A 404 error means that your phone cannot find the control box. Make sure it’s turned on, awake, and your phone is connected to the control unit WiFi (eg HARVST-xxxx)

Sound indicators

Fast beep, twice a second
Looking for WiFi network.

Slow beep, once a second
[Pre-2023 firmware only] Unit is transmitting “harvst-wifi” and is waiting for you to connect and tell it your home network details.

Long single beep
Unit is booting in offline mode. Once ready, you’ll get a double quick beep.

Unit beeps high/low/high/low like a siren.
This is the low water alarm. The system is trying to water but either pump is not connected, or it’s pumping air. Sometimes the water pump needs priming after installation; give it a shake and it should start pulling water. Note that you have to have the water valves wired to the control unit, since they will need to open for water to be pumped through.

Rising tone
Waking up. Wait for the double beep which follows. This indicates the system is ready.

Falling tone (opposite of waking tone)
Battery is low, going to sleep.

Triple beep when attempting to pump
Battery too low to pump but OK for sensors and wifi connection.

Double long beep
Cannot connect to wifi network.

Short single beep
When “wireless test” mode is on, you get a single beep when sensor data is received.