Show a bit of love to your lid lifter…occasionally

Show a bit of love to your lid lifter…occasionally

This microblog is very slightly techy but worth it to prolong the life of your lid opener and, lets face it, its working pretty hard just now. These are the best lid lifters that we can find on the market but everything needs a bit of TLC from time to time. At the moment the lifter is opening and closing with the great weather that we are having, so show a bit of love to your lid opener and check that its screws are secure and that the springs are fitted neatly in place.

We recently had someone whose lid lifter wasn’t working properly and, because they were local, we popped out to take a look. Looking at the frame of the lifter, it appeared a bit on the wonky side. What had happened is that one of the cylinder housing screws, shown on the picture below had become detached. After a brief search through the lettuce and tomatoes below, we found the screw and its washer and popped back it, it goes quite tightly into that housing, using a flat bladed screwdriver. So we recommend that you just check yours are securely in place from time to time.

The other thing that we found is the the springs need to be checked to ensure that they are safely on the two sets of lugs. They can come loose if you aren’t careful, so just check that they are on their lugs in the little groove that runs around them.

These are really easy jobs just to check and we wanted you to know in case something goes wrong whilst the sun is shining meaning your lid doesn’t lift. If you want to see the diagrams more clearly use this link to the instructions or use the set of instructions that came with your greenhouse and we are hoping that your plants are growing well in all the sun.