More than just a mini greenhouse.

Your Gardening Troubles are About to be Solved

So you’d like to own your very own Harvst mini greenhouse? Good idea!

We just need to find out a little bit more about what kind of growing experience you want, so we can send you to the right place. Are you looking for a solar powered greenhouse or mains power?

Here’s a little bit more information about each so you can make your decision (both come in two different sizes; Yard and Terrace):

Solar Self Watering Greenhouses

  • Automatic Ventilation
  • Automatic Watering
  • No power source needed: just use solar!
  • Connectivity with our mobile app

4-Season Self Watering RECOMMENDED

  • Automatic Watering
  • Automatic ventilation
  • Connectivity with our mobile app
  • Just plug in and grow all year long!
  • The ability to add:
    – Automated Heating
    – Automated Grow Lights

Have a few questions about Harvst or our mini greenhouses first? We completely understand, you can call us on 0333 090 5440, pop your questions on an email or chat with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Find all the terms and conditions for the Gardens Illustrated discount code here.