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Fresh greens, salads and herbs throughout the year, indoors or outdoors.

  • Lower food miles
  • Less single use plastic
  • Fresher food
  • Less waste
  • A great learning platform

Self watering, climate controlled, and with great protection against pests, Sprout will do most of the work for you.

From £199 to £675, pick the perfect combination for your growing space.

Indoor mini greenhouse
Sprout 10 4-season with smart heating and lighting

Available as :

Mini indoor greenhouses

Sprout comes in a range of sizes from the micro table-top Sprout 6 to the large Sprout 24.

Connect to a water tap, or use a water tank and a pump if you don’t have a tap.

What can you grow in a Sprout mini greenhouse?

We’ve designed the system around common garden growing containers, so almost anything will fit; from seed trays and pots to larger grow tubs. You can grow in soil, compost, or even directly in water with a hydroponics system.


Lettuce, rocket and other similar salads are easy to grow in a Sprout, either indoors or outdoors. Using deep seed trays you can go all the way from seed to crop without much input at all.

Leafy greens

Spinach, Spinach Beet, Kale, Chard … again all straightforward to grow in a Sprout mini greenhouse. You’d want deeper soil for larger plants, using a larger grow container.


Basil, Coriander, Mint and other herbs are easily grown in a Sprout. Herbs don’t take up much space so you can use the system to its maximum capacity.

Other vegetables

Spring onion, microgreens, and even some root vegetables such as radish are also possible.

What else can you grow?
Join our 4-season greens project to get involved.

What makes the Sprout mini greenhouse special?

Compact : fit anywhere

For your yard, on a patio, in the conservatory, in a shed, or even inside a larger greenhouse or polytunnel.

Strong : built to last

Tested on the gale-ridden coast of West Wales, the Sprout is one tough cookie. Built wih a strong aluminium frame and tough unbreakable twinwall polycarbonate panels.

Productive : grow more

At maximum efficiency (with heating and lighting) you can usually expect a tray of salad in less than 6 weeks from sowing. With the Sprout 6 (6 trays) that’s a tray every week. With the Sprout 24, you could potentially have four trays a week.

Indoor greenhouse
Sprout 6 - from £199 (greenhouse only) to £475 (4-season)

A strong, compact, productive mini indoor greenhouse for growing herbs, salads and greens all year round.

Efficient : save water

The Sprout 6 and Sprout 10 feature a built in water tank in the base, which (by recycling the water which is not used by the plants) reduces water use by 50%.

Automatic : the future of growing

Automated watering, climate control, remote monitoring via an app and the Harvst cloud. Great for busy people, if you work away from home, or if you want to learn about growing technology.

Safe : for any small garden

Polycarbonate panels won’t shatter or leave dangerous glass lying around if an errant football, child or dog crashes into it.

How does Sprout work?

A protected environment

Twinwall polycarbonate panels provides a sheltered, protected growing space, just like a regular greenhouse.

The polycarbonate panels hold warmth in winter as well as protecting from scorching on hot days in the summer.

Self watering

A built in irrigation system means you don’t have to worry about watering. Either connect Sprout to a garden hose, or use the automatic pump system.

Versatile; using misters, sprayers or drip irrigation.

Heated in winter

Safe, waterproof low voltage heater cables keep the inside of the mini greenhouse warm. Essential for growing outdoors in the colder months of the year, as well as for starting early in Spring.

Cool in summer

Sprout automatically opens up when it gets too warm, using a reliable was based opener. Perfect for spring, summer and autumn.