Let Harvst do the work for you.


The Harvst smart gardening system is made up of six main components:


Automated irrigation takes the worry out of laborious hand watering and is controlled by the brain. Micro-irrigation misters, sprayers and drippers are connected to either a garden hose, a water butt, or water tank and a submersible pump. Two separate zones can be controlled.


Low voltage heated seed trays and heater cable keep seed trays and grow tubs warm, supporting faster germination and growing when the sun isn't out as much. This extends your growing season meaning more plants for longer during the year. Available with mains power.


High power waterproof LED grow lights, powered directly from the Harvst control unit, help germination and growth throughout more of the year. Available with mains power.

The Brain

A small control box fitted with a WiFi enabled microcomputer takes control of watering and monitoring for you. Linked to the Harvst App to give you total control.


Sensors monitor air temperature, soil temperature and soil moisture levels.

Power source

Either mains powered if you have a handy socket or solar powered if not.

A smart internet-connected control unit will irrigate, heat and light your plants to help you grow more all year round, in limited space, with minimal effort.

It’s designed to work with the Harvst mini greenhouses, but can be adapted to fit into any cold frame, greenhouse or polytunnel.

Growing in small spaces

Monitor and manage from anywhere

The Harvst web app lets you see what's going on in your green house, cold frame or polytunnel, and controls the self-watering, heating, and LED grow lights.

The control unit connects to a WiFi network and sends data to your online account throughout the day so you can see exactly what’s going on in your Harvst greenhouse, from anywhere.

You can also control the system on your phone or on a computer. When the water tank runs low, or the temperature gets too high (or too low), you can choose to receive alerts by email and text message.

Read more about the Harvst app.

Self-watering based on your plants' environment

Unlike many self-watering systems, Harvst does not just use a timer. The sensors allow you to irrigate based on a timer too, but it has the additional benefit of moisture and temperature readings to prevent over or under watering.

The weather changes too much for a simple timer system to be relied upon fully. Sometimes, no water is needed for days at a time, and sometimes, on hot days, you might want to water multiple times.  Harvst has it covered.

Sensor-driven smart watering gives much more control than a simple timer system. Our Harvst mini-greenhouses provide automated self-watering to two separate irrigation zones, controlled by a wifi connected control unit and web app.

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