Let Harvst do the work for you.

We built automated systems to help you grow more. Our products are based on a number of key principles:

Automatic watering

Our climate control mini greenhouses are fitted with built-in self watering, so that you don’t have to spend the time doing it. Automatic watering using our smart controller also saves water.

We also produce a stand-alone smart watering system for greenhouses and polytunnels called WaterMate.

A protected environment

Harvst mini greenhouses are designed to help you grow more throughout the year. Start your seedlings earlier, and extend later into Autumn.

Compact, strong and safe – perfect for almost any garden or yard.

Artificial lighting

Our S-Series mini greenhouses are fitted with waterproof LED grow lights, which not only increase the amount of light your plants get in Spring and Autumn; you can also grow crops like salads all year round.

They are safe, low voltage, and powered by the smart control unit.


Our S-Series mini greenhouses are fitted with a number of heating products which will keep your plants warm through the winter months.

Low voltage, waterproof heated seed trays and low voltage soil heater cables can be powered directly from the smart control unit.

The power is in our smart control system

The Harvst smart garden controller sits at the core of our automatic mini greenhouses and automatic watering systems. It uses a range of sensors, coupled with timers and an optional connection to the internet to turn on pumps, heaters, lights, fans and anything else you might want to control.

  • Monitors environmental data
  • Controls a range of output devices
  • Communicates with Harvst cloud via WiFi (optional)
  • Free-for-life automatic firmware updates over the internet

It’s designed, developed and assembled by the Harvst team in the UK. We’re just on the end of the phone or an email, if you need any support or advice.

Measure and react to the environment using sensors


A reliable, accurate air temperature sensor lets you know how cold or warm your greenhouse or polytunnel is.


A combined temperature and humidity sensor can be fitted in place of the air temperature sensor.

It measures relative humidity, and can be used to trigger auxiliary outputs (for fans or misters / foggers).


The solar powered control units measure sunlight levels using the solar panel via lithium ion battery.

This can be used to provide extra watering on sunny days when your plants are drinking more.

Soil moisture

Coming soon!

Take control with a number of timer configurations

As well as automating your gardening using sensor data, the Harvst smart control unit has a built in clock and timers, for regular watering, lighting, heating and more.

Unlike many automatic watering systems on the market, the Harvst system lets you control your timings down to 1 second of run time (and up to 24 hours), making it suitable for a range of uses including microgreens watering, hydroponics, general pumping and so on.

Each auxiliary output can be controlled for a given period (1 second to 24 hours) from twice a day to once a week.

Multiple power options

Choose either the mains powered control unit, or the solar powered control unit. They have different internal circuitry.

Solar powered / off grid

The solar control unit is supplied with a built in battery and solar panel to keep it topped up.

The battery will provide enough watering for most domestic situations, and can power high pressure, high flow rate pumps suitable for watering decent sized polytunnels and large greenhouses.

Mains powered (240V)

We provide a mains powered control system, which includes a waterproof 200W power supply on 5 metres of cable.

With the mains power supply, you have the option to add grow lights, heating, and run auxiliary 12V outputs without any time limits.

External 12V supply

The “mains powered” control box will take any 12-16 volt input, if you want to provide your own.

Either your own off grid system, or an existing power supply.

Automate almost anything

Water pumps

A dedicated water pump output will provide power for 12V pumps, as well as monitoring the power used, so you can be notified when the water has run out. Our mini greenhouses and WaterMate smart watering system also have a dual-zone electric water valve, allowing you to water two separate areas.

The 3 auxiliary outputs (1 on solar units) can also run pumps, allowing a maximum of 5 watering zones.

Greenhouse heaters

Safe, waterproof low voltage Harvst heaters can be run directly from the auxiliary outputs on mains powered control units.

Up to 150W of heating can be provided through the control unit via a waterproof mains power supply – enough to keep a mini greenhouse growing for you all year round. 

Grow lights

If you want to extend your growing season, or even grow all the way through winter, your plants will need extra light.

The control unit will power Harvst LED grow lights; safe, waterproof 12V devices which can be fitted to the shelves of our mini greenhouses.

The lights also give off warmth, helping you grow even more.

Fans … and more

Any low power 12V device (up to 5 amps) can be controlled using the auxiliary outputs. If your control unit is mains powered, these devices can be run for extended periods of time.

If your unit is solar powered, run time is limited to save battery power. You can use the outputs for things like tank-to-tank transfer pumps, fans, motorised door openers … the sky’s the limit.

Remote control from anywhere

The Harvst web app lets you see what's going on in your green house, cold frame or polytunnel, and controls the self-watering, heating, and LED grow lights.

If your control unit is within range of a WiFi network, you can update system settings from anywhere via your phone or on a computer.

Any settings changed on the app are downloaded into the control unit when it next sends a data update. If you’re on the same network as the device, then you can also control it without any time lag, unlike many “smart” watering systems which always have a delay.

Read more about the Harvst app.

Email alerts to keep you updated

If you have connected your control unit to a WiFi network, you can set up alerts and notifications via the web app, so that when data comes in that triggers an alert, you’ll receive an email. 

If it’s getting cold, you might want to get that frost protection fleece out. Or if it’s too hot in your greenhouse, you might want to open the windows. Our automatic mini greenhouses do that for you, by the way.

  • Water tank has run out
  • Temperature too low
  • Temperature too high
  • Humidity low
  • Humidity high

Wireless environmental data logging

The Harvst control unit can connect to a WiFi network and send data to the Harvst cloud, where you can monitor all your sensor information. Currently you can view up to 7 days of data via the web app. We are investigating the best way to make extended periods of data available to our customers. Get in touch if you have specific data logging needs, and we can make something work for you.

Soil moisture sensing readings

Always up to date with free firmware upgrades

We’re always listening to our customers to learn more about what they need from their smart garden automation. Changes and improvements are made on a continual basis, making the system better every time. The firmware is the code running on the device itself; the logic that decides when to water, when to take sensor measurements and so on.

When you connect your Harvst control unit to the internet, it checks with the Harvst servers to see if there’s a new version of firmware to download. If there is one, it’ll upgrade in the background for you.

Frost protection

And if that’s not enough … the Harvst control unit also looks after your pipework and pumps when the temperature approaches freezing point. A combination of regular micro-cycles helps keep your pump from icing up, and there’s a complete stop on watering when the mercury falls below zero.