Automatic watering and irrigation systems

Spend less time watering. Save water. Be more productive. Grow healthier plants.

Mini greenhouses

The Harvst mini greenhouses are fitted with built-in automatic watering, powered by a pump for off grid water use.


WaterMate is an automatic watering kit perfectly suited to domestic greenhouses. The smart, sensor driven system will run off grid, using pumped water from a tank.


If you want automatic watering for a polytunnel, then take a look at our WaterMate kit. It will provide dual-zone, sensor driven irrigation for polytunnels up to 40 metres squared.

Gardens & pots

Keeping your garden plants watered while you are away (or just to save you time) is also possible with our stand-alone WaterMate kit.


Whether in the off-season or you’re looking to keep your garden close to your kitchen, our indoor gardens feature hydroponics for easy, automated watering.

Outdoor Automatic Watering

Automatic watering in Harvst mini greenhouses

Our mini greenhouses are a complete growing system, with built in watering. Pipes are integrated with the shelves and aluminium frame, and connected to electrically operated water valves. Water is provided by a pump (which goes into a small water tank or a nearby water butt).

How our automatic watering system works

We’ve designed WaterMate (our outdoor garden watering system) based on what we’ve learnt while developing our own mini greenhouses. It uses the same control system, sensors and water valves with a more powerful pump, designed for irrigating a larger area, and longer watering cycles.

Irrigation setup

  • An inlet hose goes from your water butt to the pump.
  • The outlet hose from the pump goes to the twin water valves.
  • Each of the two watering zones can be set up in a number of ways; we recommend two 13mm LDPE distribution pipes around the perimeter of the greenhouse, secured with the provided clips.
  • From these distribution hoses, you can run sprayers to cover a larger area (such as salads, seedlings) or drippers to feed water to the roots of larger plants (such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines).

Control and sensor setup

  • The control box is mounted in the greenhouse, and powered by a small solar panel, allowing you to run the system anywhere – including an allotment. Alternatively, you can use mains power if you have access and fit heater cables and LED grow lights.
  • The electric water valves are wired to the control box, which decides how much to water and when, based heat, solar energy and timers.

Automatic watering in a polytunnel

The WaterMate Pro kit is also suitable for polytunnel irrigation; no electricity or piped water is needed, just somewhere to mount a solar panel, and a nearby water butt.

The main difference when mounting WaterMate into a polytunnel is the frame fixings. We provide fittings for the polytunnel tubes with the Pro version of our WaterMate. However, the same concept of two distribution pipes around the perimeter applies. Many people run the 13mm LDPE pipe along the ground; however this does not support spraying. To spray an area of your polytunnel, you’ll need to rig up a pipe above the area to be sprayed.

Greenhouse irrigation system

Spray nozzles and misters

Any 4mm micro irrigation spray or mister nozzle will do – we recommend the Antelco 360 and 180 emitters pushed directly into the LDPE distribution pipe. The pump provided with the WaterMate kit will power up to 20 of the blue emitters (70 litres per hour) per zone. If you’re running your WaterMate from a garden hose, you’ll have more capacity.

Drippers and dribblers

Drippers are great for getting water just to the roots of your plants. There’s a huge range available. We recommend ones that are adjustable, so that once you have set up your spiders web of drippers, you don’t have to rebuild when you change your plants, you just turn off the ones you don’t need.

Soak hose / porous hose

The pump provided with WaterMate will provide enough pressure for a 15 metre soak hose or porous hose, which can be buried in the ground, or snaked around on the surface. The soak hose would use one of your two watering zones, leaving the other one for sprayers or drippers, or a different area of the greenhouse or polytunnel.

Indoor Automatic Watering

How our hydroponic watering system works

The H-series uses a “flood and drain” technique, which floods watering trays, pumps the fresh nutrient around the roots, and then drains it away again. Water and nutrients in the H-Series are stored in a tank in the base which is pumped up through all levels, and sent back again.

The H-series “flood and drain” method lets the roots breathe between cycles. It also only floods the trays to partial depth of the growing medium, letting air roots do their job above the surface of the nutrient. Additionally, when the water runs back into the tank at the base, oxygen is introduced from the air.

The H-Mini can be fitted with a tank system, but can do just as well with water being periodically added to the base trays.

To learn more about hydroponics, we have a full blog you can read here.