Manage and monitor your garden via the Harvst app.

All watering, heating and lighting settings for the Harvst smart control systems are managed using our easy-to-use web app, which runs on both iPhones and Androids. You don’t need a WiFi connection but if you have it, then you can benefit from remote monitoring and management, as well as alerts.

Smart garden remote control

If your Harvst smart control unit is within range of a WiFi network, it can send information about temperatures, watering, heating and more to your online account. You can watch your Harvst system in action from anywhere using the app, and update settings which will then be sent back to the control unit.

Connect to your environment.

The Harvst app shows you current environmental conditions in your garden, as well as neat charts of recent history. This data is used to manage your plants’ growing conditions, but it’s also a fascinating insight into what’s going on outside.

Control your garden from anywhere.

It’s a hot day and you’re at work. You think that your tomatoes are going to need watering but you’re not going to get home until late.

All you need to do is open up your Harvst app and tell your Harvst control system to water a bit more today.

Email alerts.

Sometimes the water tank will run low, the temperature will get too high or too low, or perhaps the air is getting too dry. Your control system will send you an email when something needs to be done. You can create your own alerts based on how you want to manage your growing.

Any device.

The Harvst web app will run on any device; Android, iPhone, iPad, tablet or laptop.

Child using Harvst gardening app
The Harvst gardening app is where you monitor and manage your Harvst greenhouse, and it's also where you can keep track of what you are planting and how it's growing, using the built-in grow diary / gardening journal. Learn more about what you're growing, see tips and recommendations for other plants you can grow in your mini greenouse, and more.

Built in garden journal / grow diary

The Harvst app comes with a garden journal too, where you can record all your growing activities. You can add notes, upload photos, and look back over your season at any time. The app makes it easy to see how long seeds took to germinate, whether a crop is performing well or not.

It doesn’t just sit there and wait for you to add information though. The app also reminds you to plant, succession sow, thin and transplant.

You can use it to plan your year ahead, too. Add plants for future dates, and you’ll be able to see what the next few weeks and months looks like.

Large selection of plants

The Harvst gardening app helps you learn more about what plants you can grow in your location, or in your Harvst mini greenhouse, at various times of the year. Use our built in plants, or add your own.

Record your growing events

Use the Harvst garden journal app to record every interaction you have with your plants; whether it's sowing, thinning, transplanting, weeding or harvesting. It's easy to look back over the season to see what you did, to help you plan next year, and to help you learn more.

Do more of what works

Use the rating system each time you thin, transplant, weed or work with a plant, and as the season progresses you can quickly see which plants are working better than others. Since you've recorded your activity each step of the way, you can see what's working and what's not.

Offline mode

If you don’t have WiFi within range of your control unit, you can set it to run in offline mode. It will still read all the sensors, run timed schedules, and do all the normal smart processes, but you won’t be able to access it while you’re away, and you won’t get alerts.

When it’s operating in offline mode, it transmits its own WiFi signal, which you connect to with your phone / tablet / laptop to get access to the system dashboard.