Fresh, healthy, home grown greens. All year round.

Fresh, healthy, home grown greens. All year round.

No food miles
No pesticides
Less plastic
Less waste
It makes sense.

How much more can you grow with automatic watering, heating and lighting in winter, and cooling in the summer?

Herbs, salads, leafy greens, even root vegetables!

The Four Season Greens project is a collaborative ‘citizen science’ project to study the amount of food that can be grown at home, in an automated mini greenhouse, with self-watering, grow lights and heating.

We want to help more people grow more at home.

Are you ...

  • Interested in home grown greens?
  • An advocate for sustainability?
  • An agronomist or CEA expert?
  • A keen gardener?
  • A parent, a teacher?
  • A potential project partner?

If so, we’d love you to be involved.

The project will be launched in Autumn 2021 and will run for at least 12 months. Environmental data will be collected via the smart greenhouse control system, a WiFi-connected Internet of Things device. Growing data will be collected using the Harvst grow diary app, with events (sowing, germination, transplanting, harvesting) being entered by the greenhouse owner.

Data will be available to all participants throughout the project.

Project members will have access to :

  • A Harvst Sprout mini greenhouse and accessories at 20% off list price.
  • Discounted seeds, nutrients, compost and equipment from our partner supplier(s).
  • A community of project members.
  • Advice and tips for growing herbs and greens at home in a controlled environment.

Project members will be expected to:

  • Use the Harvst grow diary to record crop events (sowing, germination, transplanting, harvesting).
  • Share photos and, where possible, videos.
  • Contribute to discussions and surveys on techniques and growing conditions.
  • Engage with the community of other Four-Season Project members.

The goals of the project will be to:

  • Produce a set of techniques, products and advice to help more people grow more of their food at home.
  • Produce educational material for schools and parents to help children learn about food production, the environment, automation technology, and the concepts of Controlled Environment Agriculture.
  • Promote home-grown food as a way to reduce food miles and single-use plastic packaging, particularly for salads.

You’re not restricted in the equipment you use for the project – we are looking for all ways to achieve the goals outline above. The more variety and individual ideas we have, the better.

Sprout mini greenhouses

The Harvst Sprout mini greenhouses … coming soon!


Harvst ‘Sprout’ mini greenhouses are WiFi-connected, with automatic ventilation and environmentally responsive self-watering. They can be extended for 4-season growing with built-in heating and grow lights.

Designed for standard deep seed trays, or any regular sized growing container including 60x40cm grow tubs. Suitable for soil growing or hydroponics.

Available in four sizes for outdoor use. 

Looking forward to having you on board,

Founder, Harvst