Solar automatic watering for greenhouses and polytunnels

A responsive solar powered, automatic watering system for greenhouses and polytunnels.

  • Solar powered, runs anywhere.
  • Pump water from a tank, or use a tap.
  • Responds to the environment to give your plants just the right amount of water.
  • Two watering zones for different types of plants, or different watering patterns.
  • App controlled and internet connected (if you have WiFi in your greenhouse)

A versatile, solar powered, sensor driven watering system.

Watering manually takes time. WaterMate does it so you don’t have to.

When you’re away you either have to ask a neighbour, or risk losing your plants. WaterMate has you covered.

WaterMate saves you water, so you don’t have to full your tank as often.

WaterMate can let you know by email when water has run out, or your greenhouse gets too hot or too cold.

Manage your watering system from anywhere, using the Harvst web app and the WiFi-connected control unit.

Also runs in offline mode without the need for an internet connection.

Pipes, fittings and fixings are all included, along with instruction manual and helpful setup videos so you can get started sooner.

Expand with standard irrigation parts at a later date, if you want.

WaterMate Pro

Our most powerful, versatile irrigation system. Dual zone automatic watering for greenhouses and polytunnels – up to 120 plants (drippers), 40 sprayers/misters, or a soak hose. Waters up to 40 metres squared.

For greenhouses up to 12ft x 18ft, or polytunnels up to 40 m2.

Greenhouse watering system

WaterMate mini

A smaller automatic watering system for small greenhouses, growhouses and pots. Dual zone, with a compact, submersible pump. Up to 20 plants (drippers) or 6 sprayers. Waters up to 6 metres squared.

For mini and small greenhouses up to 6ft x 8ft.

Mini greenhouse watering system