What is the ‘Hungry Gap?’


What is the ‘Hungry Gap?’

You may not have heard about the Hungry Gap, but it’s the hardest time of year for UK farmers to have something to harvest. There tends to be a period in April, May and early June, when the winter crops have ended but the spring plantings are yet to mature. The UK’s geographical position means that many spring crops would not grow if planted any earlier, due to the winter temperatures and lack of light. However, at the same time – as the days warm up and get longer into spring, many winter crops like brassicas ‘bolt’.

The lack of British-grown crops may not be something that is noticeable in the supermarket amongst all the imported goods, but home gardeners, allotmenteers and seasonal eaters can often struggle to harvest or find local food during this Hungry Gap. Even British vegetable boxes tend to stop for a few weeks during this time.

Just like the average supermarket customer, our customers may not experience the Hungry Gap. Not because they have to rely on imported vegetables but because they can harvest every single day of the year from their Sprout mini greenhouse. It’s possible to grow enough lettuce, leafy greens and other vegetables to harvest every day! Our clever and space efficient greenhouses provide all that your plants need in terms of light, warmth and moisture to grow well, even during the Hungry Gap! There is a perfect model for every growing space, which one would you choose? Take a look here.