What makes the WaterMate Smart Irrigation System outshine its competitors and conventional watering techniques

What makes the WaterMate Smart Irrigation System outshine its competitors and conventional watering techniques

What makes WaterMate kits so special? Our WaterMate kits are the first and only Made in Britain smart irrigation systems that offer solar power watering. Plus, with our Pro system being the most powerful on the market, you can drip water up to 120 plants (and even more using sprayers)! Because of the flexibility of our systems, you have options that can help define what that means to you and your garden.

The WaterMate waters for you, saving time and conserving water. It also helps plants grow stronger, resist disease and pests better, and produce more food crops. Our intuitive system outperforms standard timers while ensuring your plants receive the perfect amount of hydration.

Smart and Responsive

WaterMate kits boast cutting-edge sensor technology, allowing you to automate watering based on the real-time environmental conditions of your greenhouse or polytunnel. Bid farewell to the days of manual watering woes – our sensor-based systems ensure your plants receive the optimal moisture levels, preventing them from ever being left high and dry again.

Equipped with a temperature sensor out of the box, WaterMate offers the option to enhance your data insights with an additional humidity sensor. While we don’t advocate for a ‘set and forget’ approach, our intuitive web app enables easy scheduling of timed watering across two zones, keeping pace with your plants’ evolving needs.


Designed to withstand the test of time, WaterMate is built to last season after season. Crafted with the highest quality irrigation components, our kits are the best of the best. Want to change your setup later? It’s also compatible with industry-standard outlets and fittings, offering seamless integration into any garden setup.

Rest assured knowing your investment supports local businesses – WaterMate is proudly certified Made in Britain. From greenhouse to polytunnel, allotment to garden bed, our kits provide everything you need for hassle-free installation, with the added flexibility to accommodate various configurations.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of battery-operated timers – choose between mains powered or solar-powered systems for reliable, consistent watering throughout the seasons. And with access to our dedicated gardening forum and a warranty, you’re never far from expert assistance and peace of mind. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Space

WaterMate comes in two convenient kits, each designed to meet the unique needs of your garden. The Mini kit caters to small greenhouses up to 6′ x 8′ or 6 sq m, making it ideal for grow-houses, cold frames, or outdoor pots and veg plots. For larger spaces such as greenhouses or polytunnels up to 12′ x 18′ or 40 sq m, the Pro kit offers high power and high capacity, ensuring even the most expansive gardens receive optimal watering.

For those seeking a bespoke solution, WaterMate offers Core packs that allow you to configure your own automatic watering system. Whether you’re tending to garden beds, pots, or polytunnels, WaterMate provides the flexibility to tailor your irrigation setup to suit your specific requirements.

Accessible Garden Tech

WaterMate enables you to easily elevate your gardening experience to new heights. With advanced technology, unmatched convenience, and a commitment to sustainability, WaterMate empowers you to nurture your garden with confidence and precision.

Join the WaterMate revolution today and experience the future of gardening firsthand.