Want to Grow Vegetables in a Small Space? How Harvst can help.

Want to Grow Vegetables in a Small Space? How Harvst can help.

While some enjoy the luxury of a giant vegetable garden or nearby allotment, many of us have to consider space limitations when growing our own food. It’s a factor that can often put people off even trying. But don’t let it stop you! With some careful planning and creative thinking, it’s possible to grow a surprising amount even when space is at a premium. A small vegetable garden is also much more manageable, particularly if you’re busy or have health issues that make taking care of a larger plot difficult. So, why not give it a go? Whether you plant up hanging baskets, window boxes, raised beds or a Harvst mini-greenhouse, here are our tips on how to grow vegetables in a small space.

Grow food you love

It sounds obvious, but you don’t want to waste any time, energy or room on growing food that doesn’t seriously get your tastebuds going. If you’re using a Harvst mini-greenhouse, you won’t need to worry about the seasonal stuff. If not, think about what grows well at different times of the year and what you’d like to see on your plate as the seasons change.

Think bijou

Look for dwarf or bush varieties of your favourites instead of the larger or trailing kind. Of course, if want to dedicate the whole space to a few standard-size veggies, go for it. But if you plan to harvest a wider selection, there are lots of smaller, space-saving plant varieties that will fit the bill. Those baby veg are quick to grow and just as tasty. The RHS has some good advice on choosing mini vegetables.

Choose high yield crops

When room is tight, you need to make the most of it. Look for plants that grow quickly and will give you plenty of produce. Salad vegetables like lettuce, spring onions, radishes and cherry tomatoes are good examples. Shallots, chillies, carrots, beetroot, dwarf courgettes and herbs will also give you plenty of bang for your buck.

Grow up

If you don’t have much horizontal room, use any vertical space you have instead. There are plenty of climbing vegetable plants – like the faithful runner bean – that will give you a good yield without taking up lots of ground space.

Nourish your plants

With a higher concentration of plants in a small space you need to make sure they’re not competing for nutrients. Feed them well and they’ll do the same for you and your family. Make your beds as deep and rich as possible, with plenty of organic matter dug in for good measure. Also ensure that the drainage suits the plants you select – a well-drained soil that dries out easily might not be the best fit for that bumper crop of delicious watercress you had planned.

Choose the right spot

Different plants like different conditions, so consider which plants will work in the area you have. A cool, shady yard that only gets the sun for half the day is a very different growing space to a sun-drenched window ledge in the kitchen. Unless you have something like a Harvst Mini-greenhouse to control the environment for you, it’s an important factor to consider before you start planting up.

Plan ahead

Whether you’re using a mini-greenhouse, plant pots or beds it’s useful to sort out a planting schedule. Be ready to fill gaps that appear as plants finish, so you’ve always got something on the go. That way, you’ll always have fresh veggies to harvest, whatever the time of year.

So, there you have it, with a bit of space-saving know-how and a cunning planting plan it’s possible to cultivate fresh, homegrown vegetables even in the smallest of spaces.

Grow your own vegetables with a Harvst mini-greenhouse

At Harvst, we’ve created a smart greenhouse system that makes it easier than ever to grow your own food – whether you’re pushed for space or simply want a more manageable way to garden. And with our growing community of skill-sharing gardening enthusiasts, you’re never short of advice on how to get the best out of your Harvster and your plants.

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