Why do I need a Grow Light? We’ll give you three reasons.

grow lights help to get seeds growing

Why do I need a Grow Light? We’ll give you three reasons.

Our new feature ‘Gardening Terms Explained’ will make a regular appearance in future articles with a goal to shed a bit of light on some popular gardening terms that are often heard but perhaps poorly understood. We start with ‘Grow Light’, which is something often discussed in relation to greenhouses and polytunnels, but these lights can also be put to good use inside your home or in your mini greenhouse.

“Once the preserve of professional growers, lighting systems can now be used to good effect in the home and greenhouse to grow plants.”

They serve to replace or supplement natural light, emitting the right wavelength of light to mimic daylight to keep your plants growing all year round. Our own Harvst mini greenhouses have the option of Grow Lights which can be connected to mains power and controlled by the Harvst brain. These lights would be a welcomed addition to your growing environment, especially during the winter months when the days are short and the natural light levels are low.

Why use artificial lighting?

Grow Fresh.

If you were to invest in a grow light you would find growing in the Winter months much easier – you would further increase chances of a fruitful Harvst of fresh produce during these generally dormant months. January for many is a time to refresh. We veer towards fruits and vegetables to counteract our indulgent festive habits, so it’s great to know that we can continue to pick fresh from our home-grown stores with a little help from some artificial light.

Get Ahead.

Grow lights can also be used in the colder months to start Spring seedlings early. If you have a greenhouse or sufficient lighting indoors you can begin planting some seeds as early as January with the help of grow lights. Some good choices for early planting would include: radish, chicory, rocket and sweet peas. In getting ahead your seedlings will mature quicker and will be stronger when it comes to planting out in Spring.

Urban Garden.

With the help of some artificial light even the most unlikely of spaces can become growing environments. You don’t need a garden to be able to get started, all you need is a dedicated space, a bit of knowledge and the right tools. Get to know your space and what you want to achieve, which may be food production, houseplant propagation, growing flowers, or simply the joy or nurturing and caring for plants – all of this can be made easier with the help of a grow light.

So, why use a grow light?

  1. For the darker Winter months to continue growing fresh food produce indoors.
  2. To start your seed planting early and get ahead before Spring.
  3. To create a space for growing for those without access to an outdoor garden or allotment.

In short, there are many good reasons to invest in a grow light as they can only do good for your plants. You just have to ensure you are using the right kind of light. For more information on how to use artificial lighting and what type to try, have a read of this RHS article here.

Harvst Automatic Grow Lights
Harvst Automatic Grow Lights