Why we choose our partners

Why we choose our partners

Gardeners are instinctively conscious about the environment and it’s fair to demand that companies providing the gardening products share the same outlook. Here at Harvst we focus on high-quality, long lasting products with consideration given from start to finish about their environmental impact. 

‘Throwaway’ and ‘one-use’ are not in our vocabulary. All of our products are carefully crafted to have an efficient and sustainable life cycle. Focussing on sensible sustainability, we partner with companies who sell all of the products gardeners need, but alternatives for those that are harmful to the environment.

Peat is a natural product that is an accumulation of decayed organic matter, primarily plant material found in wetlands. Within horticulture, it is used heavily within compost to retain moisture, ensuring the compost suits plants that need to be grown in pots. Like most things that are unsustainable, peat is cheaper than peat-free products – but that’s not what we’re about. Cheaper is not better.

When finding a compost partner, it was imperative that their compost was peat-free, cue our partnership with Coco & Coir. They produce 100% peat-free, natural, sustainable and certified organic compost for all gardening uses. Their compost has good water retention, great aeration and drainage that will help your garden thrive. Coir blocks are so lightweight, you’ll never have to lug around heavy bags ever again! The high-grade peat-free coir compost provides a perfect, high-performing alternative to leading peat-based options.

What are you going to put your new compost in? Taupe plastic plant pots are the new thing for the sustainable gardener. Yes, you heard us right – we said plastic, and no, we haven’t lost our minds. Taupe plastic plant pots were recently featured on BBC Gardeners World with Monty Don, and are carbon black free. Carbon black is a common colouring agent used to create dark colours in packaging. The problem here is that this material does not deliver enough information to the detection unit at the sorting facilities, rendering this type of packaging as ‘unknown material’ and eliminated from recycling. 

Set to revolutionise potting, these pots are made from carbon black free, recycled polypropylene, meaning they can be recycled easily through kerbside recycling schemes! It’s always been easy to find recycled plastic pots to use in the garden, but not so many recyclable plastic pots – and now there’s one product that ticks both boxes. 

Did you know we now sell both of these products in our container bundles? If you would like greater value for money, you can also find these products in our Subscription Box.

We launched Harvst Club to help our customers start growing their own food with ease. Our subscription offers you a range of grow your own related products and services – including the aforementioned compost and taupe pots! We aim to provide you with support and guidance, along with greater value & convenience. 

We are always looking for other businesses who share our values to partner with and support. If that’s you, please send an email to partners@harvst.co.uk or leave us a message here.