Wireless sensors are nearly here

Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

Wireless sensors are nearly here

Over the last few months we’ve been developing a new range of wireless sensors – so you can add more than just two, and also so you can place them wherever you want without the hassle of wires. Now you can monitor your greenhouse, polytunnel or even pot plants from anywhere, with or without a Harvst smart control system for automatic watering.

We will launch with two types of sensor, and more are planned for the future:

  1. Soil moisture and surface temperature : the same information you get from our current wired sensors, but in a wireless device.
  2. Air temperature and relative humidity : this sensor replaces our current wired temperature and humidity unit.

The sensors can work in one of two modes:

  1. Paired mode : link up to 4 sensors to a Harvst control unit to turn on automatic watering (or heaters and lights with a mains controlled system)
  2. Stand-alone mode : connect the sensor direct to your home WiFi to monitor and track data in your Harvst web account.

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